How to remove a mistake from a session

In this video, you will be able to see how to remove a mistake from a session that you recorded while reciting. 


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  • This is now outdated and needs to reflect the latest update of the app. Right now you can only remove mistakes as they happen from the little “man head” icon on the bottom of the reader screen. Alternatively, you can access old sessions through “activity” menu/tab, load the session that has the mistake to be deleted, and then use the “man head” icon at the bottom left corner of the reading screen to remove it. JAK.

  • Assalamu Alaykum Mohamed, 

    Thank you for your comment. Despite the fact that the video recorded before the memorization feature launch which is why the video doesn't show the memorization and goals tabs. However, the way to remove the mistakes in a given session from the Activity tab is still the same as shown in the video and is not outdated. Thanks again for your comment and we will diligently work towards updating videos to reflect the latest UI especially if the flow has changed as well. 



  • Thank you Mohanad for the super quick lightening speed response!

    However, I beg to differ. I use Tarteel heavily, and I can confirm that I am no longer able to delete mistakes directly from the session screens and that I have to “load” it first. Yes, the functionality as described exists, but the mistakes are not actually deleted for old sessions. I will try to record a video and submit a bug report as soon as I can, ISA. JAK.

  • Jazak Allah Khair, Mohamed. Yes, please send a bug report as soon as possible as the flow should still be working normally. What you're describing seems to be an error/bug that needs to be reviewed. Thanks again for your feedback! 


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