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The AI Voice Search feature in Tarteel allows you to effortlessly find and follow Quranic verses through recitation. Here’s how to make the most of this powerful tool:

How to Use Voice Search:

  1. Search Tab:

    • Open the app and navigate to the Search tab.
    • Press the green orb.
    • Recite any part of the Quran, and Tarteel will detect the verse and follow along.
    • If you don't know the exact verse you're searching for, you can recite a word or a small part of it and Tarteel will provide a list of verses/surahs that it could be from. 

      voice search tab.gif
  2. Quran Reader Screen for Search and Follow Along:

    • Open the Quran reader screen.
    • Tap the green icon in the bottom left-hand corner.
    • Recite into Tarteel, and it will identify the verse and track it in real-time.
      search and follow along.gif

Listening to External Recitations:

You can also use the AI voice search to detect verses from external sources:

  • Tap the green orb and let Tarteel listen to someone else's recitation, whether it's from a prayer, lecture, or gathering.
  • Tarteel will recognize and follow along with the verse being recited.

Practical Uses:

  • During Prayer: Instantly locate and follow along with verses being recited in prayer.
  • Lectures and Gatherings: Quickly find verses being discussed or recited.
  • Personal Use: Enhance your own memorization and recitation practice by having Tarteel track your progress in real-time.

It's like Shazam for the Quran, providing an innovative way to interact with the Quran, making it accessible and engaging for all users!


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