Understanding Highlight Colors While Using Tarteel

If you use the Tarteel app to memorize or recite the Quran, you may have noticed various color highlights on the text. This guide explains the meaning behind each highlight color, specifically focusing on your hifdh (memorization) history. These highlights differ from the text colors used for real-time feedback during your recitation.


Green Highlights

Green highlights indicate correct recitation in your past memorization sessions. Tarteel's AI tracks your recitation and highlights words in green to confirm that you have accurately recited them before.


Red Highlights

Red highlights indicate mistakes detected during your past recitations or memorization sessions. This feature helps you identify errors when reviewing the Surah or re-reading the page. These mistakes are summarized in the Session Summary, where red highlights distinguish them from the rest of the Ayahs.


Yellow Highlights

Yellow highlights indicate diacritic mistakes made in your past recitations. This helps you focus on improving your pronunciation and accuracy based on your previous errors.


Brown Highlights

Brown highlights represent words you peeked at while reciting in memorization mode in the past. This feature helps you identify areas where your memorization needs improvement. When you need assistance to peek at a word, it turns brown, indicating that you peeked at it during a prior session.




By understanding these color codes, you can effectively track your progress and identify areas for improvement in your Quranic studies. These historical highlights provide valuable insights distinct from the current text colors used to guide your real-time recitation.Happy reciting!






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